CTI Develops Crash Data Repository for Connecticut’s Transportation Safety Professionals

Analysis of highway safety is probably the most data-intensive activity carried out by highway and transportation agencies and CTI is committed to providing a tool to help. Investigators with The CT Transportation Institute (CTI) are working with the CT Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to develop a repository of Connecticut’s Motor Vehicle Crash Data.

The purpose of the Connecticut Crash Data Repository (CDR) project is to create an accurate, timely, and complete online access data query and analysis toolset for members of the traffic-safety community.   The first phase of CDR development focuses on design and function of the repository.  The resulting repository will serve as the foundation for future, more advanced versions of the data repository.  Future phases will incorporate useful data such as roadway information, traffic volumes, photolog imagery and GIS mapping with the crash data reports.

Project investigators are Eric Jackson (CTI), John Ivan (CEE), Dong-Guk Shin (Computer Science) and Steve Demurjian (Computer Science).  For more information on the development of the repository, please contact Dr. Eric Jackson at aterj02003@engr.uconn.edu. For information on the Connecticut Transportation Institute, visit www.cti.uconn.edu

Published: March 25, 2011