2015 Rube Goldberg Contest at UConn

RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE CONTESTS® (RGMCs) are designed to encourage teamwork and out-of-the-box problem solving for students of all ages.

This event highlights one of the many facets that encompasses what collaborating as engineers is all about. Encouraging teamwork to accomplish a unique goal is one of the many traits that these young engineers will take away and will last a life time.

In this year’s contest, the Engineering Ambassadors at UConn School of Engineering were the hosts for this event.

The results of the competition were:

1st Place – H.H. Ellis Technical High School
2nd Place – Grasso Technical High School
3rd Place – Wolcott Technical High School, Newton’s Disciples

For more information about the Rube Goldberg Machine Contests please visit their website.

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