Alumni Association Honors Two from Engineering

The UConn Engineering community is a rich assemblage of accomplished, respected individuals.  Two members of our community recently were honored by the University of Connecticut for significant achievements that reflect well on the entire university. 

Dr. Quing Zhu, a professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at UConn, and alumnus Dr. Faisal Hossain (Ph.D., Environmental Engineering ’04) were toasted by the UConn Alumni Association during a gala event held on Friday, October 12.  Dr. Zhu was presented the 2012 Faculty Excellence in Research and Creativity (Sciences), and Dr. Hossain was awarded one of two Graduate of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) honors. 

Dr. Zhu, who joined UConn in 1998 and directs the Optical and Ultrasound Imaging Laboratory, was honored for her groundbreaking work in developing a number of unique imaging devices to enable more accurate diagnoses and treatment of suspected breast and ovarian cancers.  One device combines near infrared light with ultrasound as an aid in breast cancer detection and characterization; a second, transvaginal and endoscopic-based device combines ultrasound, photoacoustic imaging and high resolution optical coherence tomography in a single probe to enhance ovarian cancer diagnosis and surgical intervention.  Dr. Zhu’s breast imaging device is being field tested at Hartford Hospital and the UConn Health Center with patient volunteers to confirm their effectiveness.   She is a Fellow of SPIE, an inducted member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE) and the recipient of a Connecticut Technology Council 2007 Women of Innovation Research Innovation and Leadership award.

In nominating Dr. Zhu for the award, Dr. Rajeev Bansal, Head of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, noted “Her work has contributed to biopsy-free breast tissue evaluation and promises major advances in the non-invasive detection of ovarian cancer.” Read more about Dr. Zhu’s research here and here.

Dr. Hossain, who won one of two G.O.L.D. awards, is an associate professor at Tennessee Technical University (TTU).   He was honored for his significant contributions in fields advancing the use of satellite remote sensing products, understanding remote sensing uncertainty, overcoming trans-boundary limitations of downstream countries to water forecasting, and understanding the impact of large water infrastructures (notably dams).

He was also recently selected by the American Geophysical Union to receive the prestigious 2012 Charles Falkenberg Award, which honors individuals who have “contributed to the quality of life, economic opportunities and stewardship of the planet through the use of Earth science information and to the public awareness of the importance of understanding our planet.”

Dr. Hossain has championed a space-based data information system that would leverage current and future Earth science satellite missions as vital data sources that may contribute to accurate precipitation prediction and water management.  He was nominated by Dr. Emmanouil Anagnostou (Civil & Environmental Engineering), who noted that Dr. Hossain has demonstrated that if researchers were able to accurately estimate the prediction uncertainty within current satellite observations of precipitation, the benefits of information derived from satellite missions could justify their costs through savings in lives and property.

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