Alumnus Nick Polomoff: YouTube Star

By Heike Brueckner

Since receiving his Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering in 2011, alumnus Nick Polomoff has been working as a Senior Material Scientist at Material ConneXion, an international company that employs the materials expertise of its multidisciplinary specialists to aid companies in problem-solving and innovation.   Material ConneXion utilizes several forms of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to keep interested parties apprised of the latest breakthroughs.

Dr. Polomoff is featured in the company’s weekly video series, broadcast on YouTube, “Material Mondays.” The videos introduce the viewer to a different innovative and unique material each week and are accessible to even the least scientifically minded, as they feature materials that solve real-world problems. Burglary, for example, can be combatted by conductive wallpaper that acts as an alarm system without expensive installation or cumbersome wires, and the ubiquitous holiday worry of dry, highly flammable Christmas trees is can be appeased by a household-safe, omni-surface fire-retardant spray.

The complete series of videos can be accessed on YouTube here.  For additional details of the company’s materials, visit the Material ConneXion website.

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