And The Winners of Senior Design 2021 Are…….


By: Eli Freund, Editorial Communications Manager, UConn School of Engineering 

Continuing for a second year in a virtual environment, the 2021 Senior Design Demonstration Day showcased a record-breaking 220-plus projects, 800-plus students, and over 120 industry partners.

Working on projects like a COVID-19 diagnostic platform, a plan for increased pie production at Lyman Orchards, and a prosthetic leg that works for dancers highlights the ingenuity and real-world impact all of the projects had on society and for their sponsors.

The winners from each department are as follows.


Biomedical Engineering

First Place: Team 2: Margaret Daniel, Samuel Dailey, Jessica Tang,  

Title of project: Prosthetic Leg for Dancers

Advisor: Prof.  P. Kumavor; Sponsor: Paige Holden (UCHC) 


Second Place: Team 8: Nathan Brockbank, Mariam Mohsin, 

Title of project: EEG-based Sleep Apnea Detection

 Advisor: Prof. S. Santaniello 


Third Place: Team 22: Amit Eshed, Ngoc Luu, 

Title of project: Skin Regeneration on Piezoelectric PLA Scaffold

Advisor: Prof. T. Nguyen 


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

First Place: Team 24: Arielle Behar, Dennis Timmons, Megan Walsh, Allyson Barrett

Title of project: Renewable Hydrogen

 Advisor: Ioulia Valla

 Sponsor: None


Second Place: Team 8: Jon-Marc McGregor, Brandon Figueroa, Patrick Paul, Rachel Marchini

Title of project: Development of New Skin Care Products by Exploring Different Aeration Techniques

Advisor: Anson Ma

Sponsor: Unilever


Third Place: Team 3: Talha Bhatti, Danielle Gan, Jonathan Mustis, Alex Zukowski

Title of project: Optimal Design of Agricultural Systems

Advisor: Matthew Stuber

Sponsor: None


Honorable Mention: Team 6: Justyn Welsh, Thomas Pauly, Christopher Tang, Ronald Cabello

Title of project: Pfizer Water Consumption Analysis and Reduction

Advisor: Jeffery McCutcheon

Sponsor: Pfizer


Civil Engineering

First Place: CE 9: Matthew Boyer, Olin Green, Roderick Joslin, Thomas Kropp, Makayla Roshkowski 

Title of project: Old Main Gate Demolition and Site Restoration at the CT Air National Guard

Advisor: Nick Lownes

Sponsor: National Guard


Second Place: CE 20: Brian Lassy, Christian Mack, Enrique Cubillas, Ethan Hoffman 

Title of project: Superstructure Redesign for Jordan Cove River Bridge 

Advisor: Alexandra Hain

Sponsor: CHA


Third Place: CE 2: Kerone Walters, Jason Rich, Josue Flores, Luis Vega 

Title of project: Traffic Safety and Operational Analysis

Advisor: John Ivan

Sponsor: Jacobs Engineering


Computer Science and Engineering

First Place: Team 36: Nathan Choi, Jason Kim, Timothy O’Reilly

Title of project: Path Planning with Deep Learning Nets

Advisor: Fei Miao

Sponsor: Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab


Second Place: Team 39: Matthew Kirschbaum, Zachary Zambuto

Title of project: Remote Firearm Detection System

Advisor: Seung-Yun Hong 

Sponsor: Presco Engineering


Third Place: Team 14: Saamiya Bhura, Erik Kriz, Paige Sheridan, Jordan Tsao

Title of project: Mental Health and Wellness Application

Advisor: Jake Scoggin

Sponsor: Student-sponsored


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Place: Team 2108: Bryan Ziobron, Marjol Mukallari, Jamie Moschella, Angelina Fagundes

Title of project: Wearable Fall Prevention Device

Advisor: Abhishek Dutta

Sponsor: Presco Engineering


 Second Place: Team 2127: Elizabeth Chamiec-Case, Paul Roach, Aaron Spaulding

Title of project: Passive Acoustic Array Design for Environmental Monitoring

Advisor: Lei Wang

Sponsor: NUWC


Third Place: Team 2113 (Joint with ME): Andrew White, Nicholas Law, Sadman Sakib

Title of project: Smart Box for Transportation of Critical Articles

Advisor: Shalabh Gupta

Sponsor: Aquiline Drones


Environmental Engineering

First Place: ENVE 5: Alex Robotham, Ryan Morais, Brian Dinh, Austin Frank

Title of project: Centredale Manor

Advisor: Tim Vadas

Sponsor: Loureiro Engineering Associates


Second Place: ENVE 2: Abby Klimowicz, Florence Opoku, Lais Da Silva, Taryn Murasso

Title of project: Canadian Radium

Advisor: Tim Vadas

Sponsor: SESI Consulting Engineers (Dr. Amine Dahmani)


Third Place: ENVE 3: Alexis Coley, Brianna Herman, Sarah Mazerolle, Ryan Tamayoshi

Title of project: Multi-Unit Septic and Well System

Advisor: Tim Vadas

Sponsor: CHA


Management and Engineering for Manufacturing 

First Place: MEM Team 7: Kyra Cullerton, Kelly Franklin, and Neha Muktadir

Title of project: Lyman Orchards Future Facility Design

Advisor: Craig Calvert, Frank J. Cunha

Sponsor: Lyman Orchards


Second Place: MEM Team 4 and 12 (tie): Nicholas Curley, Danielle Garnelis, Joseph Homan (Team 4) and Xavier Amos, David Bielawski, Oliver Bogan, Nishanth Sode (Team 12)

Title of project: Improve Fall Protection System with OSHA Compliance (Team 4) and Analyzing Digital Outputs of Ultra-Low Freezer (Team 12)

Advisor: Craig Calvert/Frank J. Cunha (Team 4) and Ryan O’Connor (Team 12)

Sponsor: Holo-Krome (Team 4) and Sikorsky (Team 12)


Third Place: MEM Team 11: Maia Dufane, Jacob Patterson, Natiya Washer

Title of project: Reduction in Ergonomic Risk Factors

Advisor: Craig Calvert and Frank J. Cunha

Sponsor: Prysmian Group


Materials Science and Engineering

First Place: Team 9: Alex Distelman, Michael Geragotelis, Megan Hurley

Title of project: Rapid Martensitic Phase Detection for Improved Processing of 301 Stainless Steel

Advisor: Yuanyuan Zhu

Sponsor: Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc.


Second Place: Team 10: Joe Doluca, Julia Roemer

Title of project: Design, fabrication, and testing of brain phantom and impactor for dynamic traumatic brain injury studies

Advisor: Jasna Jankovic

Sponsor: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Third Place: Team 6: Louis Crisci, Kienan Tierney

Title of project: 3D Printing Materials and Processing for Seawater Applications

Advisor: Volkan Ortalan

Sponsor: NUWC


Mechanical Engineering

First Place: Team 1: Mackenzie Lea, Joseph Symochko, Jacob Tran

Title of project: Design of a Low Cost, Disposable Foam Spray Gun

Advisor: Francesco Carbone

Sponsor: Acme Machinery


Second Place: Team 50: Zoë Coleman, Andrew Bugryn, Steven Quinn

Title of project: Rubber Calendering Process Automation & Improvement: Feed-Cut-Stack

Advisor: Vito Moreno  

Sponsor: Rubber Labels USA  


Third Place: Team 19: Jack DiFrancesco, John Dana, Romario Bowen, Vinny Fazio

Title of project: Alternate Wear Sleeve Installation Method

Advisor: Vito Moreno  

Sponsor: EA Patten   


Professor’s Award: Team 68: Audrey Watkins

Title of project: Sensing and Demultiplexing Ultra-Low Frequency Waves

Advisor: Osama Bilal   

Sponsor: UConn Mechanical Engineering    

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