Now Hear This! UConn Has a New Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium

Continuing its commitment to fostering new businesses, the University of Connecticut has established the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium.


Hadi Bozorgmanesh

 It’s a collaborative initiative of the Schools of Engineering and Business, Office of the Provost, and Office of the Vice President for Research.


Timothy B. Folta

 Given the wealth of research and ideas at UConn, the consortium will strive to make the most of our resources by inspiring and mentoring our faculty and students, and promoting their ventures both within and beyond the university. 

The Consortium will champion venture-friendly policies and processes, as well as help students, faculty, and others navigate the wide range of entrepreneurship and innovation courses and programs offered at the university. Much of the strength of the Consortium comes from the diversity of its membership, which includes representatives throughout the university including engineering, business, law, technology commercialization, nursing, and others.

Co-directors are Hadi Bozorgmanesh and Timothy B. Folta.

For more information about the Consortium, go to, or contact Kathy Rocha at


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