Annual LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate (BD) Poster Symposium


By: Randi Mendes, UConn School of Engineering Graduate School 

The Annual LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate (BD) poster presentation and the symposium was held on Friday, April 20th at UConn. Each spring, LSAMP BD Fellows present their research to other faculty and students. This event is an opportunity for BD Fellows to go through the process of making a research poster and presenting their work to the audience in a friendly  & supporting environment. Dean Kazem Kazerounian and Senior Associate Dean Michael Accorsi were among the faculty who attended the event.

The BD fellows who were presenting were:

Jessica Maita (Material Science and Engineering)
Brandon Williams (Material Science) 
Kevin Rivera (Chemistry)
Cristian Aviles-Martin (Chemistry)
Randy Hamchand (Chemistry)
Virgilio Lopez III (Kinesiology)

To learn more about the the Bridge to Doctorate program please click here

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