Bar-Shalom Reappointed as Klewin Professor

bar shalomYaakov Bar-Shalom, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, has been reappointed to a second five-year term as the Marianne E. Klewin Professor in Engineering.

In announcing its recommendation, the evaluation committee noted Dr. Bar-Shalom’s superior record of scholarly publications — numbering 85 journal and conference papers and two book chapters since 2004 — along with a career milestone of more than 12,000 non-self citations and the authorship/co-authorship of the greatest number of scholarly papers published in IEEE Transactions on Aerospace Electronic Systems. For his enormous contributions to target tracking technology, Dr. Bar-Shalom was honored in 2008 with the coveted IEEE Dennis Picard Medal for Radar Technologies and Applications.

The committee also noted Dr. Bar-Shalom’s level of research expenditures, consistently averaging over $600,000 annually, along with his strong mentorship of eight doctoral students during his first term, many of whom have garnered awards and honors that reflect well upon UConn. In addition, the committee applauded his original tracking algorithms, which are used by government, private and public installations across the globe to enhance the accuracy of radar and sonar systems in the presence of heavy clutter.

Mun Y. Choi, Dean of Engineering, commended Dr. Bar-Shalom for “Outstanding contributions in the area of signals processing, his strong leadership within the university and professional organizations, and his dedication to fostering a collegial environment for students, faculty and staff at UConn.”

In addition to the Picard Medal, Dr. Bar-Shalom has received the IEEE Control Systems Society Distinguished Member Award (1987); the M. Barry Carlton Award for Best Paper in IEEE Transactions on AES (1996, 2000); the J. Mignona Data Fusion Award, presented by the Department of Defense JDL Data Fusion Group (2002); and the Distinguished Leadership and Dedicated Service Award, International Society of Information Fusion (ISIF, 2003).

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