Caitlin Oswald ’09 Among “Most Creative People”

Caitlin Oswald, a School of Engineering alum, was recently named one of the 100 most creative people in the country by the magazine Fast Company.

Caitlin Curtis

Caitlin Oswald

Currently the additive manufacturing project manager for Pratt & Whitney, Oswald graduated in 2009 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Fast Company, a magazine that specializes in creative ways of doing business, praised Oswald for her use of 3-D printing in the design process of making geared turbofan engines (GTF) – which the magazine calls “possibly the most sustainable jet engine ever built.”

From the article:

[T]he GTF will use 16% less fuel and significantly reduce CO2 emissions—a breakthrough that was only possible via advances in 3-D–printing technology. Caitlin Oswald  led the team that incorporated 3-D printing into the design process, looking at each part of a jet engine to determine if it could be better developed with the new technique. As a result, engineers were able to approach challenges in a completely different way. “They’re able to print a part to scale and hold it in their hand,” says Oswald. “They can really understand what it looks like and what the capabilities and limitations are.” Next, P&W is considering including 3-D–printed parts in the finished product.

In the Q&A, Oswald talks about how her study of dance has influenced her work, her morning routine, and the importance of list-making.

Go here to read the full article.

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