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Combining Domain Expertise and Artificial Intelligence For Aerospace Manufacturing

UConn, Raytheon Technologies Research Center, Siemens Industry and the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology recently secured $2 million in funding from the United States Department of Energy for its project titled “Control of Aerospace Manufacturing Variability Using Physics-Informed Artificial Intelligence.”

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UConn’s School of Engineering Aims to Help Impoverished Families Power Homes with Renewable Energy

Funded by a $700,000 clean energy grant, UConn’s IASE is designing a geothermal unit to heat an affordable housing complex.

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Innovation Partnership Building to Open in the Fall

The new Innovation Partnership Building will thoroughly integrate UConn’s industrial partnerships with advanced research.

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UConn Leaders Meet With Department Of Energy, Discuss Smart Manufacturing

UConn leadership recently met with the Department of Energy to discuss the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

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Framing UConn’s Future: Tech Park

The executive director of the UConn Tech Park, Radenka Maric, recently discussed the new building and what it means for the University and the state of Connecticut.

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UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering Celebrates Its First Year

UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering (UTC IASE) marked its one-year anniversary with an all-day conference featuring speakers and panel discussions

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UTC IASE Celebrates Its First Year

A hub for world-class research and project-based learning, the UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering Institute celebrates its first anniversary.

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Appointments and Re-Appointments

The School of Engineering appoints two new department and re-appoints three other department heads.

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School of Engineering in the News

The UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering, a sewer plant internship, and two “40 Under 40” items all make the news.

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UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering: VIDEO

On November 19th, UTC and UConn Engineering announced the founding of a new UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering at UConn. But, what is systems engineering, and how will this revolutionary approach change the engineering landscape? This video unveils the promise of systems engineering.

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UTC $10 Million Investment Helps Launch Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering

The UConn School of Engineering, in partnership with United Technologies Corporation (UTC), launched the UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering at UConn, thanks to $10 million in planned investments from UTC. The initial $7.5 million contribution is one of the largest corporate gifts in UConn’s history and represents a significant investment in educating the next generation of engineering leaders.

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Systems Engineering Workshop: Advancing Development of Complex Products

UTC and UConn Engineering held a day-long workshop in late June to discuss how experts from industry and academia can come together to develop new engineering techniques that will make it easier to successfully build products and services that combine complex software, hardware and mechanical components.

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