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Category: UConn Senior Design June 2018 Newsletter

Senior Design: Building The “Heart and Soul” of an Electric Car (Part 1)

Four Senior Design teams, including an electrical and computer engineering team featuring seniors Daryl Biron; Ernesto Ortega-Hernandez; and Alain Tshipamba, are working to complete an all-electric car for a national competition in June. The portion of the car that Biron, Ortega-Hernandez, and Tshipamba are working on is the “heart and soul” of the vehicle—the powertrain.

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UConn’s STEM Pipeline

A simple experiment involving a water bottle filled with nitrogen and a few bendable drinking straws may be all it takes to spark an interest in science, according to Phoebe Szarek. Which is why Szarek often demonstrated the “Hero’s Engine” when she visited high schools around the state as a delegate of the School of […]

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