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Resilient Extra-Terrestrial Habitats Research Launches New Era of Space Travel

Students can now run computer simulations and physical experiments to test the technology essential to the habitat’s operation and survival.

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Yaakov Bar-Shalom Earns IEEE Pioneer Award

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Professor Yaakov Bar-Shalom has been selected for the 2022 IEEE AESS Pioneer Award.

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Senior Design: Building The “Heart and Soul” of an Electric Car (Part 2)

With good intentions in mind, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Design team of Daryl Biron, Ernesto Ortega-Hernandez, and Alain Tshipamba set out to build not only the powertrain of an electric car, but also realize their dream of seeing it race in the summer. With time ticking down, only one of those two goals seems likely.

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