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Category: November 14 2017

Emeriti and Retired Faculty Family Celebrate the Spirit of Thanksgiving

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, UConn Engineering emeriti and retired faculty family gathered for an annual luncheon at the UConn Foundation Board Room. Old friends and colleagues warmly greeted one another with hugs and handshakes, smiles and backslaps. This is a group of people for whom the university has been a significant aspect of their […]

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Impressed by Engineering Students, Alum Establishes Scholarship

By: Grace Merritt, The UConn Foundation During a recent visit back to UConn’s School of Engineering, Russ St. John ’80 (ENGR) ’85 (MBA) met several remarkable students he supported with a scholarship donation. One in particular stood out. “I remember a young lady who said she wanted to help provide clean water in Latin America. […]

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MSE’s Tyler Flanagan Discusses Nanomechanical Research

According to graduate student Tyler Flanagan, cold spray is more than just his current research topic, but an effective way to repair helicopter parts. These aluminum cold spray alloys shoot micrometer-sized particles over the speed of sound over a like material. During the impact with the substrate, it then sticks. Specifically, in his research Tyler […]

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National Institute for Undersea Vehicle Technology Launched by Industry, Academia

Two of New England’s flagship universities and the United States Navy’s primary builder of submarines are at the helm of the new National Institute for Undersea Vehicle Technology. Located on the Connecticut coast, the new national institute was established to develop the personnel and knowledge to accelerate critical research and enhance U.S. dominance in submarine […]

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Navy Using New UConn Software to Improve Navigation

Major research discoveries generate news headlines. But a research undertaking by one University of Connecticut engineering lab seeks to forestall some headlines of a different kind. The loss of life because of weather events, as happened on Oct. 1, 2015 when cargo ship El Faro sank with its 33-member crew in Hurricane Joaquin, is one […]

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Researchers Discover Super-Elastic Shape-Memory Material

UConn materials science and engineering researcher Seok-Woo Lee and his colleagues have discovered super-elastic shape-memory properties in a material that could be applied for use as an actuator in the harshest of conditions, such as outer space, and might be the first in a whole new class of shape-memory materials. If you have ever had […]

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UConn Hosts Inaugural Academic-Industry Symposium at the UConn Tech Park

Dozens of invited guests from state government and industry joined UConn administrators and faculty on Friday at the inaugural UConn Tech Park Symposium. The event served to celebrate the completion of the first phase of construction at the Innovation Partnership Building (IPB) and highlight the facility’s high-tech equipment and unique capabilities. Construction began on the […]

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New 3-D Fabrication Technique Could Deliver Multiple Doses of Vaccine in One Shot

A new 3-D fabrication technique invented by a UConn engineering professor could provide a safe and convenient way to deliver multiple doses of a drug over an extended period of time with a single injection. Other 3-D printing techniques have been limited for such applications because they rely on printable inks that are potentially toxic […]

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Explosive Research: Eliminating ‘What Ifs?’ in Space Travel

UConn researchers are adapting methods for studying forces in earthly structures for use in spacecraft. Civil and environmental engineering professor Richard Christenson and his research group, in partnership with Pioneer Aerospace, are using a cyber-physical test method to study the reaction forces involved in launching the parachutes that help spacecrafts land on distant planets. They hope […]

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