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Category: UConn Engineering News January 2019

BME Senior Design Project on WTNH News 8

Senior biomedical engineering majors Mitchell DuBuc, James Welch, and Alex Draper, under the advisement of Professor Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, put a new type of wheelchair wheel to the test which uses a pull rather than a push system. Story by Jocelyn Maminta of WTNH.

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Senior Design: Sponsoring the Future of Engineering

Every year, nearly 100 sponsors work with hundreds of UConn Engineering seniors on real-world engineering problems for their Senior Design project.

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Senior Design: Building The “Heart and Soul” of an Electric Car (Part 1)

Four Senior Design teams, including an electrical and computer engineering team featuring seniors Daryl Biron; Ernesto Ortega-Hernandez; and Alain Tshipamba, are working to complete an all-electric car for a national competition in June. The portion of the car that Biron, Ortega-Hernandez, and Tshipamba are working on is the “heart and soul” of the vehicle—the powertrain.

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Senior Design: Using Vibrational Therapy to Change the 
Outlook for Cerebral Palsy Patients (Part 1)

There have been several advancements in devices that aid individuals with Cerebral Palsy, but not enough devices that rehabilitate the patient. Four biomedical engineering students are looking to tackle that issue with their innovative Senior Design project.

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Better (and Healthier) Ice Cream Through Engineering

Engineering a healthier ice cream option at the UConn Creamery

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Senior Design Day Is Coming (with Video)

More than 130 student teams will present their engineering projects at Gampel Pavilion

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Alumni Invited to Tour Senior Design Day Exhibition on May 2nd

Do you remember your senior-year engineering project? Chances are, if you graduated ten or more years ago, today’s Senior Design, a two-semester course where student project teams solve real-life engineering problems for industry and government sponsors, is a far cry from your experience.

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Seniors Showcase Design Skills (VIDEO)

The design innovations of over 400 engineering seniors were on display at Gampel Pavilion on April 27, 2012, just a week before the soon-to-be graduates strode across the same floor to receive their graduation certificates.

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Seniors to Showcase Design Projects Friday in Gampel

Over 130 senior design projects will be displayed at Gampel Pavilion from 1-4 PM on Friday, April 27, 2012, when engineering students demonstrate projects of their own design, often sponsored by companies across the region.

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SPIE President Visits UConn, Offers Inspirational Reminders

by Christopher Falkner* Engineers are dedicated. Perhaps so much so that we often find ourselves easily frustrated with the prospect of making little (or even no) progress despite many restless hours of work, inching along toward a seemingly unreachable goal. It is refreshing, then, to get a definitive reminder now and again of why we, […]

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