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UCONN SoE, ANSYS Forge Partnership With Software

Students at UConn’s School of Engineering will now have access to valuable ANSYS engineering software, thanks to a new partnership.

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New GAANN for UConn Engineering Team

Three Computer Science & Engineering faculty have received a highly competitive Department of Education Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) three-year award of more than $805,000, which will support fellowships for graduate students pursuing research in “exascale computing.” Dr. Chun-Hsi (Vincent) Huang is the lead investigator on the grant.

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Nudging Users to Protect Their Computing Systems

We’ve all seen those little messages pop up on our computer screens: “A software update is available from XYZ. Click ‘Update’ to install.” Probably more often than not, we ignore them just as we ignored mother’s good advice to “Be sure to wear a coat to school;’it’s cold outside.” And, just as we shivered in sub-freezing temperatures wearing a t-shirt and jeans at the bus stop, when we ignore the software update messages, we’re likely to experience negative consequences.

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Seniors Showcase Design Skills (VIDEO)

The design innovations of over 400 engineering seniors were on display at Gampel Pavilion on April 27, 2012, just a week before the soon-to-be graduates strode across the same floor to receive their graduation certificates.

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Student News

Our engineering students are outstanding: accomplished, actively engaged in worthwhile activities, and full of promise. Read about our Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship recipient and Outstanding Senior Women.

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Engineering Sets Foundation for Entrepreneurial Success

As an electrical engineer struck with an entrepreneurial spirit, Robert Infantino has never limited himself to any amount of success, and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Originally from New York City, Infantino moved to Danbury, CT at age 15 with his family in hopes of improving on the rough lifestyle of the city. He attended Danbury Public High School, where he excelled in math, architecture and problem solving.

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Startup Weekend Storrs (VIDEO)

From the time Benjamin Franklin first conceived his famous stove, bifocals and countless other useful inventions, the U.S. has been hailed as the “land of opportunity,” a nation steeped in innovation and entrepreneurship, which have sustained the economy in even the toughest of times. In recent years, as American industry has struggled to remain competitive amid growing challenges from abroad, entrepreneurship has gained new respect as an economic engine.

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Kiayias Puts Botnets in His Sights

Aggelos Kiayias, an assistant professor of Computer Science & Engineering, was awarded a two-year grant of more than $225,000 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to conduct research involving the detection and mitigation of so-called “botnets.” The grant was made under the DHS Small Business Technology Transfer program, which pairs small businesses with […]

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