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Category: UConn Engineering News August 2018

Alumni News for August 2018

From moving up the career ladder, to awards, our alumni are making their mark on the world! Check out some of their recent notable achievements in this latest installment of UConn Engineering’s Alumni News.

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UConn Engineering and Connecticut Innovations Bridge the Gap Between Entrepreneurial Success and Failure

Entrepreneurship is one of the riskiest professions an individual can embark on. Many take that journey alone, without a safety net, which often leads towards a tough journey ahead. That’s why support, knowledge, and mentorship are key factors in growing an entrepreneurial venture. Those key ingredients are baked into the way things are done in UConn Engineering’s two semester Experiential Technology I and II courses, which culminates in an opportunity for students in the class to apply for a “Third Bridge Grant.”

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Senator Blumenthal Discusses Autonomous Vehicle Safety with UConn Engineering Professor Eric Jackson, UConn Officials

With a strong interest in autonomous vehicles and their safety, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) visited the Connecticut Transportation Research Safety Center at the University of Connecticut last week, to speak to Director and Engineering Professor Eric Jackson and other officials about the University’s role in advancing the technology.

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Conquering Everest: A Life-Changing Trip to Nepal

During those three short months of summer vacation, college students spend their time doing a variety of things. Some may go out and get a summer job, some take on an internship, some may even take those months to relax and recharge for the new school year. Harrison Graham, an incoming sophomore Civil and Environmental major, did none of those things. That’s because Graham spent several weeks volunteering in Nepal, which culminated in a climb up to the basecamp of Mt. Everest.

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UConn Team to Be Featured on Season 3 of Entrepreneurship-Focused PBS Show

A four-person team, featuring University of Connecticut Engineering and Business students, will test their luck on the PBS show “Make48.”
Make48, a nationwide invention competition documentary series, captures the journey of brilliant young innovators looking to create the next great consumer product from scratch.

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