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Businesses, Engineering Schools Tap Overlooked Workforce: Women (Hartford Courant)

In this article for the Hartford Courant, reporter Stephen Singer looks at the efforts and programs UConn and others have designed to successfully increase the amount of female engineers in the workforce.

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Engineering Her Future

UConn’s School of Engineering sets the national standard for closing the gender gap. Women make up 24.3 percent of UConn’s engineering graduates–tops among public institutions nationally. How does UConn do it? It’s all about programs and outreach for aspiring female engineers, some of which starts well before college.

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Husky Mentor Network: Where Advice-Seeking Students Meet Helpful Alumni Advisors

UConn Husky Mentor Network, the newly introduced advising software platform, enables introductions to occur organically between advisors and advisees. It promotes mentoring relationships that fit the developmental needs of the student, and mentorship isn’t forced – it happens on its own terms.

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UConn Engineering Professor’s Research Influences Progressive Change in Hartford

After work from the Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission, parking mandates have been relaxed, and UConn Civil Engineering Professor Norman C. Garrick and his research have played a supporting role in those sweeping regulations.

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MSE Welcomes New Faculty Member Jasna Jankovic

Jankovic started as an assistant professor in the Materials Science and Engineering department in January 2018. She brings a wealth of knowledge to this position, having over 20 years of industry and research experience in various areas of engineering.

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