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New UConn Research Center Provides Reliable Data, Realistic Simulations for Manufacturing Industry

The University of Connecticut recently launched the Center for Materials Processing Data (CMPD) with their university and industry collaborators. The center will provide the manufacturing industry with valuable data about how their materials will perform, eliminating much of the time and cost-intensive trial and error upon which the industry has relied for years.

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Buzzing Through the Blood-Brain Barrier

UConn engineers have designed a non-toxic, biodegradable device that can help medication move from blood vessels into brain tissues —a route traditionally blocked by the body’s defense mechanisms. They describe their invention in the December 23 issue of PNAS.

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Synchrony Digital Technology Center Dedicated; Gift to Connecticut Commitment Announced

The University of Connecticut and Synchrony celebrated the opening of the The Synchrony Digital Technology Center at UConn Stamford in a ceremony on Monday.

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Engineering a New Learning Environment For Neurodiversity

Armed with a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s RED (Revolutionizing Engineering Departments) program, a group of faculty members are on a mission to transform the Civil and Environmental Engineering department into a safe and inclusive environment for students with cognitive differences that fall onto the neurodiversity spectrum.

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Senior Design Journey 2020: Mapping the Opioid Crisis, Part 1

A group of four senior University of Connecticut computer science majors are working on a Senior Design project with Cigna to use data and analytics to address the opioid crisis head on.

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