Conference on Counterfeit Electronics Addresses Growing National Concern

By Colin Poitras, UConn Today

Some of the nation’s top experts in computer hardware security gathered in Storrs last week to discuss new ways to thwart a growing international counterfeit electronics chase1aindustry.

Reports are increasing of recycled and cloned computer chips making their way into the electronic component supply chain that threaten the integrity of everything from cell phones and personal computers to medical devices and the weapon systems of military fighter jets.

In a series of workshops on Jan. 28 and 29, engineers from Intel, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Honeywell, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and Connecticut-based SMT Corp., as well as other entities, discussed new tools for improving detection in the increasingly advanced – and profitable – world of counterfeit electronics. They also discussed ways to stay one step ahead of the  counterfeiters through the development of low-chase1bcost technologies that would stamp unique “signatures” on hardware components to ensure that only reliable, high-quality parts are available to manufacturers.

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