Dr. A. Jon Goldberg New Interim Head of Biomedical Engineering at UConn Health

A. Jon Goldberg, PhD, has been named the Interim Head of the new Department of Biomedical Engineering – UConn Health (BME-UCH).


Dr. A. Jon Goldberg

In September 2012, the Board of Trustees of the University of Connecticut approved the creation of a new, cross-campus Department of Biomedical Engineering to be jointly created and administered by the (three) Schools of Dental Medicine, Engineering and Medicine. On the Storrs campus, the Department is led by Dr. Ki Chon who assumed his position last summer. Dr. Goldberg will provide leadership for the UCH component of the new department, working closely with Dr. Chon to further advance university-wide BME efforts in research, education and service. Dr. Goldberg will also lead the continuing efforts toward recruitment of a permanent department head for the UCH aspect of this unique BME initiative.

Dr. Goldberg earned a PhD from a combined program between the Schools of Engineering and Dentistry at the University of Michigan.  His specialty is Biomaterials and his collaborative research has resulted in dental biomaterials commonly used worldwide.  Dr. Goldberg was a founding member of the UConn Health Board of Directors, most recently served on the University Academic Vision Committee and is currently a member of the UConn Health Faculty AAUP Executive Council.

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