Dr. Liu Receives Army Corps Award

Associate professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) Lanbo Liu received a Research & Development Achievement Award from the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) of the Army Corps of Engineers. The award was presented in June for Dr. Liu’s “significant contribution to the fundamental understanding of radio wave propagation in complex terrains.”

Dr. Liu conducted collaborative research with colleagues at the ERDC that demonstrated the effects of antenna polarization, subsurface layering and surface roughness on surface waves scattering. The team’s research yielded significant findings in radio wave propagation along varying terrain on the Earth, an area that furthers fundamental knowledge in physics and furthers the Army’s understanding and advancement in communication in complex terrains.

Dr. Liu joined the CEE department in 2004 after the University of Connecticut absorbed his former unit, the Geology & Geophysics Department. His areas of expertise include near-surface and subsurface imaging through geophysical (seismic, acoustic, electric, and radar) surveys for engineering and environmental purposes; wave propagation modeling; battlefield environment and unattended ground sensor networks; and geophysical detection of fluid flow in fractured rocks. He also has long-standing research collaborations with the U.S. Geological Survey.

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