Editor’s Corner

Editor’s Corner profiles top journals edited by our faculty members. Today, we highlight the editorial contributions of Dr. Nejat Olgac, professor of Mechanical Engineering, who serves on the Editorial Boards of the International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems (2006-present), the Journal of Vibration and Control (2005-present), and the Bulletin of Applied Mechanics (2010-present).

“I benefit from being an editorial decision point, because I have a direct liaison with both the select group of researchers and their renowned peers who act as reviewers,” remarks Dr. Olgac.

This is particularly true for the Bulletin of Applied Mechanics, which, he notes, “Attracts many excellent researchers from the Czech Republic and former Soviet Bloc nations, bringing exposure to the hidden talents in that part of the world. These interactions create natural forums that foster research collaborations among researchers across the globe.”

Journal: International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems (IJMMS)

Journal Content: The objectives of IJMMS are to establish a channel of communication to disseminate knowledge between academics/researchers and industry practitioners about the advances in mechatronics, sensors and controls applications in modern manufacturing processes and systems. IJMMS publishes original research papers; review papers; technical papers and notes; short communications; discussion on papers; cases studies; special issues on selected topics reflecting important advances in the general field of mechatronics and manufacturing systems.

 Journal: Journal of Vibration and Control

2010 Impact Factor: 0.863

2010 Ranking:16/29 in Acoustics; 43/122 in Engineering, Mechanical; and 80/132 in Mechanics (2010 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2011))

 Journal Content: The Journal of Vibration and Control is a peer-reviewed journal of analytical, computational and experimental studies of vibration phenomena and their control. The scope of the journal encompasses all linear and nonlinear vibration phenomena occurring in the following fields: Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Ocean, Environmental, Structural, Aeronautical, Control, Materials, and Electromagnetic. Original contributions, review articles, tutorials and letters are published based on analytical, computational, and experimental analyses of topics such as, but not limited to: vibration and control of structures; vibration and control of machinery; vibration absorbers; signal analysis; aeroelasticity; neural networks; identification; random vibrations; structural control; structural acoustics; adaptive and smart structures; noise and noise control; waves in solids and fluids; shock waves; shock waves and sound abatement; modal analysis; anti-noise technology; acoustics: aero, electro, medical, building, auto, aeroplane and underwater; electromagnetic waves and shielding; and earthquake engineering.

Journal: Bulletin of Applied Mechanics

Journal Content: The aim and scope of the Bulletin of Applied Mechanics is to convey scientific progress in applied mechanics to those concerned with application of this knowledge for the engineering practice. It addresses itself primarily to students, teachers, as well as to mechanical, civil and biomedical engineers involved in the study and practical application of mechanics. The Bulletin publishes original contributions in the field of experimental and numerical mechanics, mechanics of materials, biomechanics and review articles by experts on new developments in theoretical mechanics and advances in experimental techniques. An important aim of the Bulletin is to achieve a balance between academic material and practical applications.


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