Electrical & Computer Engineering Senior Design Day-2010

by Mary P. McCarthy

fullphoto-Sr.Design-eces_p10-071Senior Design Day was held Friday April 30, 2010 in Wilbur Cross.  After months of blood, sweat and tears the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) department teams were ready to display their projects.  As an added incentive, several ECE faculty were enlisted to assess the best project demonstration.  The “Surface Contour Profiler” team received the First Place Award.  Sponsored by Phonon Corporation, Electrical Engineering (EE) students Corey Benoit, Joseph LaRosa, Kevin Perkins and Andrew Tan designed and manufactured a custom Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) components and modules for defense and space industries.  Second Place was awarded to the “Health Monitoring of Structures” team sponsored by Dr. Jonathan Russell.  The team consisted of Eric Snapper (EE), Jeffery Urban (Computer Engineering-CMPE) and Christopher Von Kohorn (Mechanical Engineering-ME).  An Honorable Mention was given to the EE sponsored “Seebeck Measurement Device” team of EE students Brian Crabtree, Adam Cywar and Nick Williams.

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