Emeriti and Retired Faculty Family Celebrate the Spirit of Thanksgiving

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, UConn Engineering emeriti and retired faculty family gathered for an annual luncheon at the UConn Foundation Board Room. Old friends and colleagues warmly greeted one another with hugs and handshakes, smiles and backslaps. This is a group of people for whom the university has been a significant aspect of their lives.

At the University of Connecticut, retired faculty members meeting specific criteria may be awarded emeritus status. In the spirit of inclusiveness, in engineering, all retired faculty, including Professor Emeriti and surviving partners of retired faculty, are invited to come together in celebration and fellowship.

This year, we welcomed twenty-two retired faculty and family guests for lunch:

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Christian and Margo Davis

Gregory and Patricia Frantz

Richard and Mary Elizabeth Long

Hallas (B.S., M.S., Ph.D Civil Engineering, ’55, ’66, ’75) and Teresa Ridgeway


Computer Science & Engineering

Keith and Sue Barker

Lester and Sue Lipsky

John (“Jack”) and Marie Roulier


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Peter and Dorothy Cheo

Matthew and Margarethe Mashikian

Robert (M.S., Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, ’58, ’64) and Adelaide Northrop


Mechanical Engineering

Vivian Gartner (Professor Emeritus Joseph Gartner – deceased)

Edward Pitkin (B.S. Mechanical Engineering, ’52)

Following a spirited reception featuring Mimosas and Bloody Marys, Heidi Douglas, Director of Engineering Alumni Relations, welcomed the gathering and invited everyone to join for a moment of silence acknowledging recently deceased professors emeriti Carroll Bennett, Winthrop Hilding, Michael Howard, and Roman Solecki. During lunch, lively (and loud!) discussions filled the room as everyone enjoyed a delicious meal featuring butternut bisque, mesclun salad with grilled chicken and tenderloin, and yummy desserts. Stories from the past, current hobbies, grandchildren, and vacations were punctuated with laughter and quiet tête-à-têtes.

After lunch, Dean Kazem Kazerounian addressed the group, sharing information and updates about the university and school, and inviting audience questions and news. Kazem thanked the retired faculty members, acknowledging that the remarkable advances realized by UConn Engineering today were built upon their pedagogy, research, scholarship, and dedication.


Teresa Ridgeway, Margarethe Mashikian, Dorothy Cheo, Patricia Frantz, Margo Davis, Don Swinton
Kazem Kazerounian, Hallas Ridgeway, Heidi Douglas, Vivian Gartner, Lester Lipsky, Adelaide Northrop, Sue Lipsky, Robert Northrop, Ed Pitkin, Peter Cheo, Christian Davis, Greg Frantz, Jack Roulier, Marie Roulier, Rajeev Bansal, Sue Barker, Mike Accorsi, Keith Barker, Richard Long, Mary Elizabeth Long, Matt Mashikian


A group photograph taken as a remembrance to commemorate the event and share with all emeriti and faculty family as a holiday greeting capped the day. As people collected their overcoats and said their good-byes, they expressed fondness and appreciation for the opportunity to visit with old friends and stay connected with their school.

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