Engineering Announces Chess Match, $14K in Scholarships

Studies suggest that students who engage in chess play hone their creative, concentration, critical thinking and reasoning skills – all characteristics typical of good engineers. So the UConn School of Engineering, like Texas Tech, the University of Maryland and several other college programs across the nation, has in recent years rewarded superb chess play with scholarships as a means to recruit academically gifted students. A December 27, 2006 New York Times story highlighted the emerging trend.

The School of Engineering will sponsor chess matches for high school and middle school students on October 27-28 at the Storrs campus. The play times are Saturday 10-1-4 and Sunday 9-12. The top three high school performers will receive renewable scholarships to the School of Engineering, valued at $2,000, $1,000 and $500 per year, respectively. The scholarships are redeemable only by individuals who meet the School of Engineering’s admittance criteria, enroll in the UConn School of Engineering and maintain a 3.4 GPA.

The tournaments are open to students enrolled in grades 9-12 (high school) and 6-8 (middle school). Trophies are awarded to the top performers in both the high school and middle school matches.

The entry fees are $45 and $35 for the high school and junior high contestants, prior to October 24. For additional details, contact Tom Hartmayer (860-989-5394 or via e-mail

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