Experiential Technology Entrepreneurship I and II: Company Profiles

A total of 10 companies are expected to emerge from the Experiential Technology Entrepreneurship I and II course. Four were launched in December, and six remain in the development stage. They are briefly profiled below.


3D Array Technology, LLC provides patented, low-cost nano-array based high efficiency catalysts, a variety of contract catalyst synthesis to performance testing services, and consulting. Central to the business is a patented catalyst technology developed by the founders, Dr. Yanbing Guo and Prof. Pu-Xian Gao at UConn. The company’s proprietary catalysts overcome the typically high cost associated with the use of expensive precious metals. Target markets include the emission control, automotive, petroleum, chemical, water treatment and power plant industries.   Founders: Yanbing Guo, Ph.D. and Associate Professor Pu-Xian Gao, Ph.D.

Advanced Column Solutions, LLC (ACS) is a consulting firm specializing in state-of-the-art structural column systems used in bridges, highway overpasses and other roadway applications where the structures may be vulnerable to seismic, blast, or fire hazards.  The company offers a reliable, proprietary high-tech composite column with superior resilience and ease of installation versus conventional columns. The advanced composite column reinforcement system utilizes a proprietary fiber reinforced polymer tube that negates the need for steel reinforcement within the column. In performance testing, the fiber reinforced polymer system has demonstrated superior resilience vs. conventional designs when exposed to seismic and blast loading. The advanced column system also reduces material and construction costs by up to 15% and may be installed via accelerated bridge construction techniques and retrofits.  Founders: Alicia Echevarria and Assistant Professor Arash Zaghi, Ph.D, PE

Herman and Peterson Engineering manufactures Nanolyze, a breakthrough, superior performing and safe blood glucose test strip for diabetes management. The patent-pending technology, consisting of a non-enzymatic sensor coating located on the working electrode of a blood glucose test strip, was developed at UConn by engineering Associate Professor Yu Lei to meet the needs of the growing population of U.S. diabetics (over 27 million in 2010).  The novel technology removes the limitations of conventional enzymatic test strips by remaining active in solutions above 40°C (104°F), greatly improving shelf life. The strips display high manufacturing reproducibility, demonstrate high glucose selectivity – ensuring accurate readings – and are immune to high concentrations of sodium chloride and oxygen.  Founders: Adam Herman and Jeff Peterson

Secor Water LLC is a consumer product-based company that delivers clean, green, filtered, and customizable water to customers at a price that is 25-times cheaper than bottled water. The company was founded upon the idea of delivering the quality of water found in popular bottled brands, but at a cheaper price and without the plastic bottle waste. Secor offers a water dispensing system that filters tap water and allows subscribers to add their choice of minerals to enhance the water’s flavor. The system includes water stations, filters, mineral cartridges and reusable barcoded bottles that identify subscribers and the subscriber’s individualized mineral preferences.  Founders: Matthew Cremins, Yanbing Guo, Joseph Mummert, Jeffrey Peterson and Thuy Pham

In Development………………..

Energy Insights Inc. – offers consulting, third party leasing, installation, monitoring and maintenance of sustainable energy systems, including solar thermal, geothermal and wind energy solutions. Founders: Alicia Echevarria, Vishal Dhagat, Adam Herman, Ryan Vantine and Kevin Zmetra

GlucoMAC – offers a continuous, real-time glucose monitoring and control device pairing a cell-phone size signal receiver/processor and an insulin injection pump.  Founder: Vishal Dhagat

NovaBrace, LLC – manufactures a patented, reliable, robust brace that dampens vibrations produced by and impacting mechanical equipment and structures.  NovaBrace isolates the vibrations of the machine while it is operating, and protects it from harmful external vibration sources such as a seismic event. Founders: Kevin Zmetra and Assistant Professor Arash Zaghi

PZ Electronics, LLC manufactures wireless autonomous and self-powered sensors for diagnostic damage detection and structural health monitoring in the railroad, government and private industries.  The sensors are also autonomous and self-powered, requiring no battery or external power source, thus reducing installation and operating costs to one tenth those of existing wireless sensors.  Founders: Matthew Cremins and Associate Professor Jiong Tang, Ph.D.

TrigoAnchorSystem, LLC – designs, manufactures and distributes effective, customized Nitinol anchors used in the treatment of mitral regurgitation, a disorder in which the heart valve separating the left atrium and left ventricle fails to close properly.  Founder: Thuy Pham and Associate Professor Wei Sun, Ph.D.

ValveFix, LLC – designs, manufactures and distributes an FDA-approved, durable tissue heart valve for young and old patients that eliminates the need for repeat open-heart surgeries and requires no anti-coagulation drugs. The valve relies on a patented, biocompatible, coated valve that offers superior structural stability and anti-calcification. Founders: Joseph Mummert and Associate Professor Wei Sun, Ph.D.


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