First Annual Competition for CHASE

by Mark Tehranipoor, Director, CHASE

chase2The Center for Hardware Assurance, Security and Engineering (CHASE) recently awarded funds to six teams to carry out cutting-edge security research. The funding pool was established by industry members of the CHASE Consortium, which seeks to contribute toward solving security challenges that are widespread across many industries. 

In response to a request for proposals, more than 10 faculty research teams submitted proposals that were reviewed by the Consortium members. Entries were judged on their individual merit and applicability to real world problems. Six proposals were selected for funding. All CHASE Consortium members will have access to the results of these projects as well as the results from federally sponsored projects underway within CHASE.  The winning proposals, which received funding of two or three years, are:

  • Counterfeit Parts Defect Characterization, Lead: Prof. Domenic Forte
  • Counterfeit Defect Coverage Analysis, Lead: Prof. Mark Tehranipoor
  • Advanced ID Tags for Authentication of Integrated Circuits and Systems Using 3D Quantum Imaging Concepts, Lead: Prof. Bahram Javidi
  • Engineered Nano-Signature (ENS): A Novel Authentication Technology, Lead: Prof. Mehdi Anwar
  • Authenticating Untrusted COTS Integrated Circuits, Lead: Prof. John Chandy
  • Gideon: A High Performance HW Interface for Guaranteed Detection of Executed Injected Malicious Code, Lead: Prof. Marten van Dijk

All projects will be carried out in a collaborative environment within CHASE. A CHASE annual workshop will be held April 9-10, 2014.

[Read a recent interview with Dr. Tehranipoor on the subject of NIST’s recently published cybersecurity framework here.]



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