Get Free E-mail for Life

Once a UConn Husky engineer, always a UConn Husky engineer!

graphicShow your UConn pride and stay connected. The School of Engineering is pleased to announce that all UConn engineering students and alumni may now receive a free e-mail address for life! Get your account today.

Whether you’re a student or an alumnus, it’s easy to set up your permanent engineering e-mail address, which will allow you to stay connected to UConn engineering and stay informed of the latest developments, activities and events at your school.

An important feature of your free e-mail for life is that this unique identity can serve as a link to any of your existing e-mail addresses. We do it all for you, and you never need to worry about our disclosing your e-mail for life account information with anyone. It’s completely confidential and guaranteed to keep you in the Husky engineering loop. Sign up today by visiting this page for details.

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