Giving Back to the Future of Engineering

For 36 hours, on April 4-5, all of UConn Nation will come together like never before during UConn Gives to show their support for the University they love and the programs they are passionate about. Gifts can be made between 12 a.m. on April 4 and 12 p.m. on April 5.

This year, the School of Engineering will be focusing on three specific initiatives, which are as follows:

-Buy a Rasberry Pi: Raspberry Pi, a palm-size circuit board, is for students to learn basic computer science principles during Freshman Year Experience.

-Connecticut Brownfields Initiative: Support students in this new program, where they will be assisting municipalities in turning polluted pieces of undevelopable land into marketable properties, primed for economic development.

-3-D Equipment for MSE: 3-D visualization equipment to completely transform how students learn about materials science and engineering

These three initiatives are needed and important to fund, because of our recent explosive growth. That growth—a 70% increase in our undergraduate population over the last five years—means that we are projected to graduate a record number of students. These students will go on to be the next generation of educators and engineering leaders, and your donation helps us provide them with the best tools available.

Thank you for giving back to our students, as well as our school. Your donation is truly an investment in the future of engineering, the state, and the University.

To donate to our three causes from April 4-5, please visit:

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