Hey, YouTubers!

Put your directorial skills to work and compete for $1,000!

video photoThe School of Engineering invites undergraduate and graduate engineering students to make a video in one or more of the content areas described below. All qualifying entries will receive $50 and be linked (with your film credits!) to our website.

The top video will capture a $1,000 grand prize.

Engineering faculty, staff and alumni may submit video entries; however, these will not qualify for the financial rewards.

Contest details:

Categories/Content Ideas

  • Student Testimonials — short student interviews (e.g., why you chose UConn engineering; the benefit of your engineering internship; the best part(s) of being a UConn engineer; what you did as Study Abroad student; how you built your steel bridge or concrete canoe, etc.).
  • Alumni Testimonials — short interviews with graduates (e.g., their most useful lessons as students; how their education prepared them for the working world/grad school; how a mentor or professor influenced them, etc.).
  • Simple Engineering Lessons — lab demonstrations or student presentations explaining an important engineering topic (e.g., thermodynamics, tensile strength, circuits, etc.).
  • Research — a short demonstration or presentation describing some aspect of research in which you or a faculty member is engaged. This may include Honors Thesis research and laboratory research. Approval of the faculty member is required.
  • Senior Design Project — a short demonstration or explanation of capstone design project. Approval of any sponsoring company is required.
  • Life of a UConn engineering student.

Length and Format
30 seconds to 2 minutes
MPEG format

To Submit

  • Upload your YouTube entry to http://dropbox.uconn.edu/dropbox;
  • E-mail nrcooper@engr.uconn.edu with a message indicating you have submitted a YouTube video (include the unique dropbox-generated address and file name of your entry);
  • You will receive a confirmatory reply informing you that your entry has been received.

Key Dates

  • Monday, April 26 — submit notice of intent
  • Monday, May 31 — submit video
  • Monday, June 21 — top entry selected

Contest Rules

  • Content must be original.
  • Video should incorporate a UConn insignia or icon somewhere (can be subtle, such as a UConn t-shirt or mug).
  • Content must adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice.
  • Videos must be the work of the submitting student(s).
  • Individual students or teams may submit entries.
  • Students may submit more than one video.
  • Videos may depict only non-proprietary subjects. For example, if you profile a senior design project, you must secure the approval of your sponsor prior to submission of your entry. Similarly, the approval of your instructor is required to videotape any potentially proprietary research conducted in a laboratory.
  • Consistent with UConn’s electronic copyright policy, YouTube videos submitted for this contest are the property of UConn.
  • If a minimum number of qualified entries are not submitted, the organizers may consider extending the deadline to encourage additional submissions.


Nan R. Cooper
(860) 486-2297

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