Husky Mentor Network: Where Advice-Seeking Students Meet Helpful Alumni Advisors


We’re excited to introduce a new program aimed at connecting UConn Engineering students with advisors – alumni and friends of the school. The goal, of course, is to offer students a link between their academic studies and the realities of the professional workplace, as well as access to valuable advice and professional networks.

Advisors get something in return. The chance to share their education, career path, successes and failures, and what their experiences have taught them. It’s a win-win. Alumni are increasing the value of their degrees by investing in future alumni, building connections with the school, and expanding their understanding of current academics and campus community – it’s a great way to engage, give back, and heighten a sense of belonging.

UConn Husky Mentor Network, the newly introduced advising software platform, enables introductions to occur organically between advisors and advisees. It promotes mentoring relationships that fit the developmental needs of the student, and mentorship isn’t forced – it happens on its own terms. Advisors and advisees meet via phone, video chat, or email and set their own expectations. In our version, mentoring is a connection and one size never fits all.

Creating your professional profile is quick and easy – you can use your Linkedin profile to jump start the enrollment process. Student advisees can search for potential advisors using keyword and other selection criteria and may reach out to ask you: (1) general career advice, (2) review their resumes, or (3) conduct mock interviews – you specify your advising services. One of the hallmarks of Husky Mentor Network is that you control when and how frequently you’re available. Your only obligation is to respond if a student reaches out to connect with you.

To assure an adequate advisor pool, we are delaying Husky Mentor Network promotion to students until April – although some eager, er, Huskies may find their way to you beforehand.

Enroll today! Start by first updating your Linkedin profile. Visit “Give Advice” and choose “Continue with Linkedin” to create your professional advising profile. No Linkedin profile, no problem. You can create your Husky Mentor Network profile from scratch. During the enrollment process you will be asked whether you have any group affiliations, please select “UConn Engineering.”

Questions? Check out this helpful guide or email Thank you!

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