In the News: Department of Homeland Security Features UConn’s Concrete Research

UConn Engineering researchers Arash Zaghi, Kay Wille and Kevin Zmetra have been working on the potential of ultra-high strength concrete for structure repair. The Department of Homeland Security, which awarded Zmetra a Security Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate Career Development Grant, features their work on its news website. From the article:

The method uses UHSC to repair corroded steel girders, which are the beams that support the bridge. The damage is caused by years of exposure to water and de-icing road salt commonly used during winter. Thus far, test results show this novel repair method has some real advantages:

  • Girders repaired with UHSC are 25 percent stronger than they were before they were damaged.

  • Minimal surface preparation (e.g., sanding, lead abatement) is required, which saves time.

  • Jacking the entire bridge structure, which typically accounts for 70 percent of project costs, is not required.

  • The need for road or lane closures is significantly reduced because the bridge can be repaired while it’s in service.

Read the full article here.

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