Industry-Educational Showcase Friday

On Friday, April 30, the School of Engineering will host a sophisticated “show and tell” event that underscores the critical contributions of engineering to commercial industry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, energy and other economic drivers. Don’t miss this opportunity to see engineers in action!

Graduating engineering seniors will demonstrate and discuss a hands-on prototype they developed during one or two semesters, typically to address an engineering challenge posed by an industrial sponsor. In addition to the design projects to be showcased Friday afternoon, students in Computer Science & Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering are presenting their projects in alternative venues on other days.

The culminating capstone design experience affords seniors an opportunity to put into practice the principles and skills they developed over the course of their undergraduate years. Many projects are sponsored by a commercial enterprise, lab or other concern. For such projects, student teams work closely with the sponsoring company, which provides financial support, advising and the design challenge. In exchange, students research the problem, conceive alternate solutions, design and refine one device or method, construct a working prototype, and provide the sponsoring company regular reports as well as a working prototype. Throughout the process, students apply the core concepts they learned in the classroom to an actual design project.

The demos and presentations are open to the public. Following is an abbreviated schedule of demonstrations:

Friday, April 30, 1-4 PM Wilbur Cross Reading Rooms

Friday, April 30, Noon-4
School of Business, Room 127

  • Management & Engineering for Manufacturing presentations

Chemical Engineering seniors are presenting their projects across several days, including Thursday, April 29 in the United Technologies Engineering Building, room 150 from 1-3:30 PM. A project listing follows.

Civil & Environmental Engineering seniors are presenting their projects across several days, including Thursday, April 29 in the F.L. Castleman Building, room 212 from 2-5 PM. A schedule follows.

Chemical Engineering
Thursday, April 29; 1-3:30 PM

Butanol Fuel Fermentation and Recovery
Andrew Esposito*, Tim Dobbs, Abhishek Patel

Mars Mission Return-Fuel Production
Casey Chartier*, Mike Crowl, Greg Honda

Propylene Glycol from Biodiesel-byproduct Glycerol
Katelyn Fitzpatrick*, Nick Frechette, Emily Tao

Monoclonal Antibody Production
Dave Donohue*, Ricardo Lewis*, Regina McCarthy, Jeff Swenson

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thursday, April 29; 2-5 PM

2:00 Compliance of Road Signs – Sponsor: Town of Stonington
Corey Andrew Giordano, Stephen D. Hall, Gregory M. Horbal, Atinuke Oyeniya

2:25 Pedestrian Bridge in Montville – Sponsor: Town of Montville
Nicholas A. Hart, Andrew R. Podojil, William L. Schaefer, Andrew R. Taylor

2:50 Retractable Roof for the Tokeneke Tennis Club – Sponsor: Peter Cummings & Torello Engineers
Archibald F. Dessert, Sean P. Doyle, Mateusz J. Krol, Curtis A. Liljedahl, James E. Moriarty

3:30 New Engineering Building
Jonathan J. Figueroa, Parker D. Indorf, Jordan E. Kannon, Matthew J. Kapinos

3:55 Modification of a Treatment Plant – Sponsor: Fuss & O’Neill
Kevin W. Fowler, Michael F. Grandelski, Samantha J. Mingrone, Patrick P. Sullivan

4:20 Sidewalks on 195 & 4-Corners Pump Station – Sponsor: Town of Mansfield
Eric D. Dorsey, Justin D. Iwinski, Michael S. Kowalczyk, John J. Mills, James M. Murcia

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