Intramural Sports a Home Run for Kyle Crosby

Graduating senior Kyle Crosby carves out time in his busy academic schedule to compete on intramural basketball and softball teams during the school year. The B.S. program in Materials Science & Engineering, combined with active intramural leagues and attractive scholarship incentives factored heavily in Kyle’s decision to come to UConn from his rural Pennsylvania home. Read more about Kyle below:

Major: Materials Science & Engineering
High School: Hancock Central School; Hancock, NY

What attracted you to UConn?
“Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, which borders New York State, I wanted to attend college away from home. I took a skills test in high school that pointed me toward engineering and helped me identify some possible college options. I knew that I wanted to study materials science, and only a few schools in the northeast offer MSE at the undergraduate level. UConn, Pitt and Lehigh have B.S. programs in MSE, so they were among my top choices. UConn was very attractive to me because of its reputation for scholastic excellence and outstanding sports teams. UConn also offered me a very nice financial package: I was salutatorian of my senior class and received a Presidential Scholars Award from the university.”


“When I first arrived on campus, there was a lot of construction. The Student Union renovation was completed only late last year. Over my nearly four years here, I’ve seen the University transform itself. One of the things I really like about the UConn campus is its rural character. The area where I grew up is quite scenic and pastoral. While Pitt is located in the midst of an urban center, UConn is surrounded by forested areas and farmland that I find comfortable and attractive. I find it easier to focus, and as an engineering student I find the quiet environment conducive to my studies.”

“One of the best experiences I’ve had as an undergraduate was my summer work in Dr. Hal Brody’s research lab working with aluminum alloys. I worked with a graduate student making molds, mixing different combinations of metals, pouring, annealing and cutting them, and then sending them off to a Youngstown, PA company for machining into tensile test bars. I found this experience really interesting, because it allowed me to understand the research and industrial aspects of manufacturing materials.”

“Engineering is a tough discipline; it’s more demanding than many of the other majors. But I find the discipline and respect for hard work that I’ve learned as an undergraduate engineer has been a good experience. I know it will help me in my career: what you put into life is what you’ll get out of it.”

What’s next?
“I’d like to work, at least for awhile. I may consider graduate school if I find an employer that encourages and provides incentives for its engineers to pursue graduate studies. I’d like to stay out of debt while expanding my knowledge and happiness.”

Beyond Academics
“I played a lot of sports during high school. I was on the basketball, baseball and golf teams. UConn hosts a lot of intramural leagues, and I play on basketball and softball teams along with some friends I first met in my freshman dorm. I’m also a season ticket holder for UConn basketball games and rarely miss a game.”

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