Joule Fellows Sound Off: Video

The Joule Fellows program at UConn is an NSF-funded Research Experience for Teachers (RET) initiative that immerses middle and high school teachers in UConn engineering laboratories for a six-week, hands-on research experience.  The program at UConn focuses ongoing research in sustainable energy technologies such as biofuels, renewables, fuel cells, energy storage devices and other green energy technologies, as well as related fields.

The 2011 program hosted 12 science, mathematics and/or technology teachers.  While working side-by-side with professors and graduate students in the research labs, the Joule Fellows teachers also developed lessons and demonstrations that will enrich their classroom lessons. The Joule Fellows program builds a seamless bridge linking secondary school students and their teachers with the dynamic and exciting UConn engineering community.

In a new video, Joule Fellows and their graduate student partners discuss their experiences and the bonds that were forged across six weeks.

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