Make Your Gifts Count! Join The President’s Challenge

The School of Engineering is pleased to partner with the University of Connecticut in its recently announced President’s Challenge Award aimed at raising $100 million in student aid over the next five years.

Dr. Michael Hogan has unveiled a new initiative that seeks to provide dedicated students with the financial support they need to fulfill their academic dreams at UConn. The President’s Challenge is rooted in two realities: tuition and living expenses at the UConn campus have risen more than 60% in the last decade, and the current economic climate makes it difficult for many deserving students to complete their college educations.

“The President’s Challenge affords alumni and friends a meaningful way to invest in our talented students and, indeed, the nation’s future,” said Dean of Engineering Mun Y. Choi. “An affordable, superb education pays enormous dividends — to employers, employees and society. Everyone wins.”

The President’s Challenge seeks to provide both need- and merit-based scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate and graduate students. As a donor, you have the opportunity to establish the criteria used to determine who receives the scholarship or fellowship monies.

The Challenge applies to:

  • New endowments of $25,000 or higher (note that you may establish a named endowment gift at this level), paid fully in five years or less, and
  • Non-endowed gifts of $10,000 or higher, paid fully in four years or less.

Once the full amount has been paid, non-endowed gifts will be matched at a rate of 1:2 and the income generated from endowed gifts will be matched at a rate of 1:1 for the next four years.

Please contact Don Swinton to learn more the President’s Challenge, or for more information, please visit the UConn Foundation website at

Don Swinton
(860) 486-8923

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