Matt Shapiro

An Honors Scholar who graduated #1 in his class (B.S. Computer Science & Engineering, Dec. ’07), is now working at Lockheed Martin and planning to attend law school with the goal of becoming a patent attorney. While interning at Lockheed Martin, Matt co-invented an Automated Passenger Screening System [for Trace Detection of Explosives], which was recently awarded a U.S. patent. Matt managed his jam-packed undergrad days like a jigsaw puzzle champion, neatly fitting pieces into their proper slots to build a complete picture, while maintaining an overall 3.87 GPA. Read his pre-graduation profile, below.

Reason for coming to UConn:
“As we toured UConn, I was impressed by the recent addition of many new buildings and major renovations to older ones. It seemed to me the UConn 2000 funding reflected the State’s confidence that UConn was destined for an academic renaissance. As a serious student, I wanted to be part of that.

What made it very easy to say ‘yes’ to UConn were the very generous academic merit scholarships offered by the University and the School of Engineering. As a recipient, I felt honored but also committed to succeeding and contributing to the entire school community. I realized that I was part of UConn’s investment to grow in academic standing and spread its reputation for excellence nationally.”

“Engineering students are aware of an important human side to the School of Engineering. Many professors are very friendly and easily approachable. Dr. Swapna Gokhale has been generous with her time to keep me on track with my Honors thesis, on the topic of quantitative analysis of the software defect life cycle. She has also assisted me with post-graduate professional and educational planning. Dean [Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education] Marcelle Wood is always available to every student, and I would venture to guess that scores of alumni would also confirm he has been especially helpful, supportive and easy to talk to. Students may think of him, with respect and deep appreciation, as everyone’s indispensable “grandpa” of the engineering school.”

Beyond Engineering:
“I’ve enjoyed many extracurricular activities at UConn. I am a member of the Vice Presidents’ Student Leadership Cabinet, which advises the university’s VPs on various student concerns. I’ve served as a member of the Board of Directors for the UConn Co-op ($28 million in gross sales at eight campus state-wide locations) since 2006. I’m particularly proud of my grassroots efforts last year establishing the Engineering Student Leadership Council, and serving as Vice President. We developed a constitution and a structure for the Council, which is intended to bring together the engineering student community. Our major event last year was the School’s first engineering formal. The notion generated enough student interest to form a planning committee, and I acted as event co-chair. The formal drew more than 220 paid guests last spring.

Last year, I was President of the Tau Beta Pi and Upsilon Pi Epsilon engineering honor societies. Under TBPi’s umbrella, we were successful in coordinating the leadership of 20 other engineering organizations to explore common points of interest. I’m active in the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, and I’ve volunteered for the Northeast Regional Science Bowl, Relay for Life, Connecticut Invention Convention and several Engineering open houses.

This semester, I’m also a Community Assistant for the Hilltop Apartments. My wing has 48 residents, and I’m responsible for monthly room inspections, safety, mediation and conflict resolution.”

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