New Partnership Brings High End Research Equipment to UConn

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Anson Ma, assistant professor of chemical & biomolecular engineering, Michael Accorsi, senior associate dean of engineering, Sahil Vora, a graduate student in the chemical engineering program, and Anton Paar’s Director of Sales and Marketing- Rheology Norbert Ponweiser at the event where the high-end rheometer was installed.

UConn Engineering and the Institute of Materials Science have partnered with Anton Paar, one of the leading producers of laboratory instruments in the world, to gain access to state-of-the-art research equipment.

The company will provide UConn with one of its high-end rheometers, an MCR 702 TwinDrive, for five years without cost. The rheometer comes fully loaded with accessories, allowing maximum flexibility to be reconfigured depending on the sample being analyzed.  Rheometers measure the ways viscoelastic materials behave in response to applied forces.

Representatives from Anton Paar recently toured UConn facilities and helped to demonstrate the instrumentation provided.

The Rheometer is installed.

The rheometer being installed.

“UConn’s partnership with Anton Paar will let us really push the envelope of what can be measured with a rheometer,” said Anson Ma, assistant professor in the department of chemical & biomolecular engineering. “This rheometer is useful for a whole range of applications, from resins for high-performance polymer composites used in the aerospace and automotive industry, to emulsions and foams found in the agriculture, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.”

Anton Paar’s Director of Sales and Marketing – Rheology Norbert Ponweiser said that the company partnered with UConn in part to push the limits of their most advanced rheometer and the boundaries of rheological testing.

“UConn, and especially Anson Ma, has been chosen due to his expertise and reputation in the field of rheology. With a partner like Anson we are sure to be able to really push the envelope of our MCR 702 TwinDrive. The strong involvement in collaborations with Connecticut-based companies was an additional deciding factor to go with UConn. Lastly, the enthusiasm of Anson Ma and the whole team at UConn right from the first interaction with them was very encouraging,” Ponweiser said.

Anton Paar will also provide two graduate fellowships to aid in research. Ponweiser said that Anton Paar is excited by the possibilities of partnering with UConn.

“UConn has done a fantastic job of setting up top end research capabilities to benefit the students as well as collaboration partners,” he said. “We are very proud to be part of this network.”

Senior Associate Dean of Engineering Michael Accorsi was also enthusiastic about the collaboration.

“The partnership with Anton Paar will be a boon for everyone involved. Engineering faculty gains access to a piece of top-of-the-line research equipment, Anton Paar’s generous gift will support the research of two graduate students, and our researchers will push the boundaries of what is possible with a rheometer,” Accorsi said. “We look forward to growing and strengthening this collaboration.”

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