Nominate a Great Faculty Advisor or Mentor

Rewarding teachers for their commitment to superb mentorship and advising is an important acknowledgment of the critical role our faculty play in nurturing excellent graduate students.  These students, in turn, go on to careers in academia, research laboratories or industry, where they apply the mentoring lessons learned from their advisors, carrying on the legacy established by their UConn advisors.

In recognition of these outstanding advisors and mentors, we have established two new faculty honors, and we invite your nominations:

Outstanding Faculty Advisor – this award, to be presented to up to two faculty members in each department each year, will recognize the contributions of faculty members whose commitment to, and excellence in, advising and mentoring graduate students have been exceptional as judged by their current and former graduate students.

Career Outstanding Faculty Mentor – this award, to be presented to one individual each year, will honor an emeritus faculty member whose contributions to effectively mentoring and advising graduate students across the plane of their careers have been exceptional (i.e., consistently influencing the career or personal trajectories of advisees), as judged by their former graduate students.


  • Current and former graduate students complete Nomination Form and submit the form to  by February 29, 2012.
  • Selection committee will review all applications and choose award recipients by March 16, 2012.
  • Awardees will be honored during the April all-school engineering faculty meeting.

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