Paper Featured in Nature Physics

graphicDoctoral candidate Mehdi DaneshPanah, along with his advisor, Dr. Bahram Javidi, UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Dr. Edward A. Watson (Wright Patterson Air Force Base) have garnered high profile recognition for their research. A paper authored by the three was summarized in the journal, Nature Physics (Vol. 4, June 2008) in an article called “Random Images in 3D” describing the use of computers to view a scene from almost any perspective. The article features a scene from The Matrix in which actor Keanu Reeves dodges oncoming bullets. It describes the UConn team’s research involving a novel 3D image reconstruction algorithm that generates a series of 2D slices, at various heights, for a static arrangement of toy models.

The original source paper, entitled “” was published in Optics Express Journal. Both journals are ranked first within their technical genre.

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