Redefining Business-Academic Relations

the connection banner

The School of Engineering has announced the formation of a new academic/business network, dubbed the Connection. According to Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives & Diversity, Kazem Kazerounian, the Connection will allow practicing engineers, businesses and entrepreneurs an avenue for liaison with the School of Engineering, as well as a forum facilitating peer networking.

“As it grows, the nascent Connection will be an organic, dynamic network linking practitioners with our faculty, students and resources — but also with other practicing engineers,” he said.

Membership is free of cost and commitment. Member benefits will include:

  • Access to interested faculty for funded R&D projects, SBIR partners and the like
  • Access to our students for internships, co-ops, and full-time employment
  • Access (for a modest fee) to skilled student/instructor teams who can tackle design challenges
  • A means to inform the full membership of your products and services
  • A dedicated website
  • Invitation to attend seminars from renowned experts
  • A monthly news page informing members of breaking engineering news and events, providing members an opportunity to pose technical questions (answered via an “Ask an Expert” column) and informing members of interesting seminars/workshops
  • Periodic e-meetings among members — short-format presentations on varying topics of interest such as faculty members’ industry-worthy research projects; SBIR opportunities; member products and services, etc.

Join! It’s easy to join. Simply complete the online application form or contact Nancy Coogan at (860) 486-0883 or

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