School of Engineering in the News

Students, faculty and alumni all made the news in the past few weeks. Here are a few items featuring the School of Engineering:

– Krishna Pattipati, interim director of the UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering at UConn, is featured in the Fairfield County Business Journal:

“We don’t have trained workforces in systems engineering,” said Pattipati, pointing out today’s aircraft and buildings require engineered solutions with intelligent subsystems and components. “The discipline of how different technologies, including the software and networks work together and combining complex technologies into high-quality products, those aspects are what we’re lacking in the engineering workforce.”

– Environmental engineering student Kelsey Reeves is featured in the New London Day. Reeves, who built a biofilter to remove odors from around the Groton Utilities wastewater treatment plant – a project chosen by the New England Water Environment Treatment Association – is bringing fresh ideas to the Groton Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant as part of her internship:

“What I really like is not only are you helping the environment, but you’re helping humans,” said Reeves, who this summer is helping pump sewage from boats. “If we didn’t have wastewater plants, everyone would be very, very sick.”

– Keisha Ashe, co-founder and CEO of ManyMentors, a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) mentoring organization, is named one of Hartford Business Journals “40 Under 40” – an annual list of the state’s young movers and shakers. She’s also a Ph.D. candidate in chemical engineering at the University of Connecticut within the Institute for Regenerative Engineering:

“Many of the most valuable connections I’ve made happen when I can find value in helping someone else. I gain immensely by being able to help someone with my insight, expertise, or connections.”

– Also making the “40 under 40” list is Martin Gugliotti, director at Gugliotti Salon and Spa and dean of students at International Institute of Cosmetology. He received a BS degree from UConn in 2001, where he majored in Mechanical and Materials Engineering:

“Ohh, time how you slip through my hands so quickly… I cannot believe that I have the same hours in a day as great minds and entrepreneurs like Ford, Einstein, and my father. But I do have to say that between MS Outlook and my wife, I am kept on track.”

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