Second Annual Industry Open House Takes Place Nov. 5

The second annual Industry Open House – featuring “speed-dating” meetings between Engineering faculty and industry leaders – takes place Nov. 5.

industryopenhouse1Building off the major success of last year’s event, the Industry Open House will include not only an open networking/show-and-tell poster portion, but also the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with more than 60 engineering faculty innovators.  It’s a great opportunity to learn more about new technology developments underway in faculty labs and the ways your company can benefit from partnering with our researchers.

About 200 industry representatives attended last year’s event, and organizers expect even more this year.  The Industry Open House is designed to build bridges between industry leaders and UConn engineering faculty, and foster collaborations that can help businesses to innovate, improve, reduce costs and flourish. The “speed-dating” portion of the Industry Open House allows industry professional to schedule meetings with specific faculty members. There will also be plenty of opportunities for casual networking among all attendees.

Our engineering faculty members are inventing new technologies that can help a company improve in crucial ways, including expanding product lines, streamlining processes and integrating systems.

Among last year’s attendees was Cindi Gondek, CEO of 3-D printer manufacturer ACT Group. Gondek said at the time that she “made some great connections.”

“We’re dealing with all the same technology that they’re dealing with, so it’s really exciting,” she said.

Ken Bowes of Connecticut Light and Power, said the event was a “great opportunity… to learn about specific topics that are important to industry leaders in the state of Connecticut.”

The Industry Open House is co-sponsored by Connecticut Innovations, the Institute of Materials Science, UConn Technology Acceleration Partners,  the UConn Office of the Vice President for Research and the U.S. Department of Commerce – Connecticut District office.

The event takes place from 8 a.m. to noon at the University of Connecticut (Storrs Campus), Rome Ballroom.

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