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UConn Engineering students are inventing novel technologies, receiving awards and changing the world around them. Below are three exciting developments you won’t want to miss.

  • Keramos Chapter Founded at UConn
  • Making a Difference Close to Home
  • Ph.D. Student Invents Wireless Data Gloves

Keramos Chapter Founded at UConn
By Giorgina Paiella (CLAS ’16)

student1Ms. Sapna Gupta, a Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) graduate student, has founded a University of Connecticut chapter of Keramos with the support of her team leaders and chapter advisor Professor Prabhakar Singh. The chapter was formally announced during the Materials Science and Technology (MS&T ’13) conference in Montreal, Canada.

Keramos, the national professional ceramic engineering fraternity, aims to stimulate scholarship, character, and development in students while promoting interest in the professional aspects of ceramic engineering, technology, and science. There are currently 12 student chapters across the country actively promoting the ideals of Keramos and ceramic engineering.

Ms. Gupta is a Ph.D. candidate in the MSE Department and Center for Clean Energy Engineering who worked with the Keramos Board of Directors to create a UConn Keramos chapter.  Read the full story here.


Making a Difference Close to Home
By Kristina Goodnough, UConn Foundation

Civil Engineering major Bryan Hallinan, a first-generation college student and recipient of the first Close to Home scholarstudent2ship established by UConn faculty and staff.

For Bryan Hallinan, it was the perfect time to receive the first Close to Home scholarship established by UConn faculty and staff.

He learned of his award in September, after spending a very rewarding semester in Australia.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time,” he says, adding that a scholarship supported by UConn faculty and staff is particularly meaningful to him.

“I am truly grateful for support that enables me to develop my career,” says Hallinan, a first-generation college student, who tries not to worry about the debt he has accumulated getting his UConn degree.

Read the full story here.


Ph.D. Student Invents Wireless Data Gloves

Computer Science & Engineering doctoral candidate Kevin Marinelli (Adv.:circuitcellar Dr. Thomas J. Peters), who is also IT manager for the Mathematics Department at UConn, has designed and developed a set of wireless data gloves, which he demonstrated at World Maker Faire New York in September. The gloves are based on an Adafruit ATmega32U4 breakout board, use XBee modules for wireless communication, and enable wearers to visually manipulate data and 3-D graphics. 

Kevin was recently interviewed by Circuit Cellar about his novel gloves, which allow the wearer to virtually manipulate data and graphics on their computer monitors.  The gloves have various applications, he explained in the online interview. “There are a number of potential applications, such as manipulating 3-D computer graphics, measurement of data for medical applications, remote control of vehicles, remote control of animatronics and puppetry.”

Read the full interview here.

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