Support a Senior Design Project


Seniors display their senior design project on an Electrically Actuated Valve (Chris LaRosa/ UConn Photos).

UConn Engineering is looking for industry partners to sponsor Senior Design Projects for the coming school year.


Seniors pose next to their design project (Chris LaRosa/ UConn Photos).

Every year, UConn School of Engineering students work on over 150 Senior Design Projects. Our seniors work closely with industry sponsors on projects relevant to the real-world challenges that business faces. They regularly meet with a company’s liaison to determine a sponsor’s needs, develop a project objective statement, create design concepts and select one to design to fully implement. The students then create a prototype and submit a written report to their sponsor company.

The budget, usually between $7,000 and $10,000, is used to fund hardware, supplies and equipment expenses for construction and testing of prototypes.

Sponsors generally provide a project idea that isn’t an urgent need for the company. That assignment reflects a separate and distinct activity, system or process within the business. They also provide a liaison engineer or technical representative who oversees the work of the team.

Past sponsors have included General Electric, Pfizer, Pratt & Whitney and TRUMPF.

Visit our Senior Design Website to learn more, fill out this form to sponsor a project or send any questions to this email address.



A senior explains his team’s project on Underwater Wireless Power Transfer (Chris LaRosa/UConn Photos).

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