Survey to Help Build Tech-Sector Jobs

The Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) is conducting a survey of recent engineering and computer science/engineering graduates with the aim of understanding where graduates find employment, what sources provide job leads, and what factors keep graduates in Connecticut or influence them to leave the state.

UConn engineering graduates from the last five years are asked to complete the very brief, anonymous survey.

It is part of a larger effort by CTC to foster a culture in Connecticut that encourages and sustains tech startups.

According to Adam Harris, a CTC Research Fellow associated with the study, “From the perspective of Connecticut employers, one of the most significant obstacles for growing tech companies is an inadequate supply of highly-educated computer science and engineering professionals. These employers report that the state’s talented young people seek employment and entrepreneurial opportunities outside of Connecticut.” 

The problem, he notes, is that no concrete data exist to support or refute this perception, and until meaningful data are collected, the State can do little to improve prospects for either startup tech firms or new engineering and computer science/engineering graduates.

The (anonymous) survey results will provide important clues to measures that Connecticut policy-makers, universities, and businesses can employ to increase enrollment in these in-demand fields and to enable connections between engineering and computer science/engineering graduates and Connecticut employers who require their talents.

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