UConn Engineering Welcomes 12 New Faculty in 2022-2023


By: Eli Freund, Director of Communications, UConn School of Engineering

The Fall semester brings in new names and faces on the student side, but when those students settle into their classes, they’ll be greeted with 12 new faculty in four different departments in the University of Connecticut School of Engineering.

New faculty for this year come from all over the country, including Michigan State, University of California-Santa Cruz, and Penn State, and also include a CAREER Award winner.

The distribution of the new faculty includes one new faculty in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, three new faculty in Civil and Environmental Engineering, four new faculty in Computer Science and Engineering, and four new faculty in Mechanical Engineering.

The new faculty are as follows:

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Monika Crowl, Assistant Professor-in-Residence


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fatemeh Fakhrmoosavi, Assistant Professor

Alexandra Hain, Assistant Professor

Vahid Moravati, Assistant Professor


Computer Science and Engineering

Hasan Baig, Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Stamford Campus

Yuan Hong, Associate Professor

David Strimple, Lecturer

Minmei Wang, Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering

Ruimin Chen, Assistant Professor-in-Residence

Andri Christodoulidou, Visiting Assistant Professor

Chao Hu, Associate Professor

Martin Huber, Assistant Professor-in-Residence

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