UConn GK-12 Team Receives Media Award

The National Science Foundation recognized UConn’s GK-12 program as the co-recipient of the Outstanding Media Award during a March GK-12 annual meeting in Washington, DC.  The award honors the School of Engineering’s Graduate/K-12 (GK-12) team for its dedicated and effective efforts to publicize the results of its outreach efforts with Connecticut’s Technical High School participants. Sharing the award with UConn was the team from the University of Wyoming.

Approximately 500 graduate students, administrators and investigators attended the meeting, which included presentations, posters, networking events and discussions among the currently funded teams. Aida Ghiaei, program director, along with GK-12 Fellows Juan Pablo Correa Baena, Molly Koehle, Matthew Eschbach and Andrea Kadilak, participated in the meeting

Since receiving the $2.7 million award in March 2010, the team has worked hard to develop an array of multi-media communications that convey the objectives of the outreach program, specific lessons and demonstrations, outcomes and community members. UConn’s program enables selected engineering graduate students to assist Connecticut Tech School teachers in presenting demonstrations that bridge scientific and mathematical principles with engineering applications. The program also focuses on providing graduate students unique learning opportunities that will broadly prepare them for professional and scientific careers in the 21st century.

The UConn GK-12 team was lauded for its website, newsletters, videos and other communications in a professional and meaningful manner to a broad audience.

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