WFSB Channel 3 Feature on Senior Design Demonstration Day

STORRS, CT (WFSB) – UConn engineering students displayed projects that they’ve been working on all year on Friday.

There’s about 230 projects, 800 seniors, in groups of 3 to 4, and they’ve been working on these projects all year long.

“Our project is to control an electric motor for that car over there. It’s very efficient for its size and weight and provides a lot of power output 80 kilowatts 107 horsepower,” said Daryl Biron, a UConn senior.

Wednesday was the UConn Senior Design Demonstration Day.

“This is a package delivery drone, it can pick up and identify boxes,” said David Kay, a UConn senior.

“These are the big ones, so they work throughout their entire four-year career here to get up to this point and they’re making incredible projects out there,” said Eli Freund, UConn School of Engineering Communications Manager.

Students have been working with over 100 private companies, municipalities, and organizations to help put together projects that will make a difference.

“Our project is a way to monitor shunt functionality,” said Caitlin Eaton-Robb, a Biomedical Engineering student.

Caitlin was recently featured in a Channel 3 story when she raised $8,000 running the Boston Marathon.

On Friday, she explained her group project to help monitor the tool that helps people with fluids that build up in their brain.

“A shunt is a way to treat hydrocephalus, which is an enlargement of the ventricles so you do an excess of cerebral spinal fluid,” Eaton-Robb said.

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